You just hit the Homepage of Philipp and Veronika Schlaeppi.
Intentionally, the homepage was started to find out a bit more about creating Homepages.
At the time we were just to embark on our 3rd Australia trip (Australia 1999), this time for 6 months, so we thought that we could try and let family, friends and workmates participate as well.

Out of good tradition, we kept on updating the homepage again on our 4th trip (Australia 2001) over 6 months and last but not least on our 5th Australia (Australia 2003) trip which took us over 10 weeks mainly to Cape York again and into the Simpson Desert. Our expiriences were captured with a Fuji 6800 digital camera and the travelled route with a Garmin III+ GPS.
The pictures of Australia's beautiful scenery and animal kingdom are acompanied by a brief diary outlining our expiriences Down Under.

You will find these pictures and the related diaries by clicking the Australia 2001 or 1999 Buttons and the following Links from there on.

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