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The Happy Schlaeppi's are Veronika and Philipp Schläppi, we're both in our thirties these days. As you can find below, even we started out as cute little Rug Rats (Brei Marder)
Hi I'm Veronika, I'm the one on the left, even then a tigress of sorts (miauuu). The picture was taken at the age of about 18 months on the steps of our home in Steffisburg near Thun. I'm the youngest of a bunch of 5. Here shown with my Sister Barbara. Veronika and her Sister Barbara in Steffisburg at her Home
Veronika, oh what a bird A few years later, approximately now, the youngest is now the tallest in my family. My hubby always claims that I got a Bird,,just looks like it, doesn't it. I went through all the regular schools, an apprentiship in fashion sales, a commercial school and finally became a software developer. Over the last few years I worked as a programmer for an insurance company.
What are my interests in my spare time:
  • I'm a cat lover. I admire their movements, their elegance and their way of showing their affection.
  • I love to spend my time admiring and tending flowers, bushes and lttle trees on "Balconia".
  • As another favourite pass time I like to craft soft toy animals, puppets and similar things. Additionally I like to work with wood.
  • Together with my friends and colleagues I love to play board games, card games and puzzles. Although just a simple chat and a drink will be fine too.
  • Another passion I share with my husband, is the outdoors and travelling.
Yes it's true, it's me, Philipp at the age of 3 years. The picture was taken near my birthplace in Guttannen, in the Bernese Oberland. Im pictured with one of the local residents, no it's not a "Gemse" it's just a cute ("smelly") little goat. Maybe it even provided me with some milk. Uuuh i better don't want to know. Philipp in younger Years with a local resident
Philipp the couch potato Yes it's me again. By now a few years older. In the meantime I went to school, did an apprentiship as FEAM, finished my electronics engineering studies and topped these of with a business extension.
To date I'm working in the telecommunications Industry as a system engineer for data and voice networks.
What are my interests in my spare time:
  • I love to sit together with my friends for a barbecue over a good bottle of wine (preferably australian) and chat about God and the world.
  • I love to play board games, card games, nasty games, all sorts of games, as I said, just games.
  • Another passion is the outdoors and travelling. Our currently preferred destination is Australia. If you want to see and know more about it, check the Australia 1999 and the Australia 2001 Links of our homepage
  • Through my Job, i'm very much interested into all sorts of technological gadgets and therefore I as well spend quiet some time in front of my notebook.
  • When I finally find some time to sit down and relax, then I will listen to mainly to Rock and Pop music. Which I collect since my childhood.
  • Another part of my spare time goes towards Retina Suisse. Retina Suisse is a charitable organisation that supports people suffering from retinal dystrophies. Additional interesting links about this topic can be found on our interesting links section.
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