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During our 1999/2000 holiday trip we drove 32'500 kilometers. A lot of it was unsealed Gravel Road. Therefore at times only travelling at limited speeds was possible and as well occasionally difficult to drive. Some of the Hills we had to climb, especially on some of the 4WD Tracks around Arkaroola, were up to 35% steep. My wife instinctively called these climbs "oh oh's". Always a challenge were the sandy stretches on desert tracks or as well when driving along beaches as on Fraser Island or in the Coffin Bay nationalpark. When driving along beaches, it is always very important as well to check out the tide times in order to prevent to "sink" the car. All along the way we prevented from getting stuck at all.

We expirienced only from three flat tyres and some bent shackles and a bent spring from hiting a pothole. Additionaly one of the Lamps in a Brake light and in a rear Light broke, most likely due to the severe shaking and vibration the car had to endure by driving over severely corrugated gravel roads.

The rented Toyotad Landcruiser Troop Carrier from Travel Car Center in Sydney proofed to be unbelievably reliable and sturdy. Probably the only bad habbit he developed, was it's bad thirst. When travelling faster then 120 km/h, the diesel consumption went up to more then 20 liters per 100 kilometers. Travel Car Center offered a truly perfect service in all possible ways. It's been the best rental car expirience we ever had. We can recommend them strongly.

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