Down Under, the Place to spend
a vacation or two

The below listed links will give you a fairly good picture how parts of Australia look. This trip we took from the 1st of September 1999 to the 24th of February 2000 was our longest. Twice before we travelled Australia for 3 months. And we have still not seen everything this beautiful country and its very open minded and friendly people have to offer. So don't be surprised if we set out do do it again some time in the future.

Sadly the digital Camera we were using, a Fuji 2700, was not very well suited to deliver good results when zooming since it had only a digital zoom and not an optical zoom. Therefore it was difficult to picture Wildlife with this camera. At the same time we as well took pictures (slides) with our Minolta 800si which didn't have this limitation. In the end we had 76 rolls of slide film (Dia's) which made for a pretty decent slide show.

The Web Pages were created already at Home by designing some template files with the fonts and backgrounds already defined. On the way we only needed to change the file names for the pictures and change the accompanying text. Partially the pages were edited, while my wife was driving, on a HP 200 LX Palmtop. More complex processing of the pictures and the conversion of the recorded GPS routes were done on a notebook. The route we travelled was recorded with a Garmin III GPS, transfered via a serial cable to the notebook and weekly converted into a picture and published under The Route we travelled. Sometimes changes and updates were carried out as well in Cyber Cafes which can be found all around Australia these days.

The HP 200 LX was as well used to record the location, subject and exposure information for all the slides we took, to keep track of the travel expenses, for downloading emails and for writing a travel diary which in the end consisted of more then 300 A4 pages. In my opinion still the most complete Palmtop Solution on the market.

Other Links to interesting Travel Diaries we found on the web, can be found on our Interesting Links Page.

But enough now of all the preliminaries. If you're interested to learn more about our trip and Australia, go to below listed Links. The beginning of the Trip can be found at the bottom of the Page.
Each of the Links will bring you to a new page covering a week or 2 of our trip, usually a small description of where we were during this week together with a lot of pictures that tend to say more then words.

{short description of image} The Route we travelled
{short description of image} 14th to 24th February 2000 (Weeks 7&8)
{short description of image} 23rd January to 13th February 2000 (Weeks 4,5 & 6)
{short description of image} 17th to 23rd January 2000 (Week 3)
{short description of image} 10th to 16th January 2000 (Week 2)
{short description of image} 3rd to 9th January 2000 (Week 1)
{short description of image} 27th December 1999 to 2nd January 2000 (Week 52)
{short description of image} 20th to 26th December 1999 (Week 51)
{short description of image} 13th to 19th December 1999 (Week 50)
{short description of image} 6th to 12th December 1999 (Week 49)
{short description of image} 29th November to 5th December 1999 (Week 48)
{short description of image} 22nd to 28th November 1999 (Week 47)
{short description of image} 15th to 21st November 1999 (Week 46)
{short description of image} 8th to 14th November 1999 (Week 45)
{short description of image} 1st to 7th November 1999 (Week 44)
{short description of image} 25th to 31st October 1999 (Week 43)
{short description of image} 18th to 24th October 1999 (Week 42)
{short description of image} 11th to 17th October 1999 (Week 41)
{short description of image} 4th to 10th October 1999 (Week 40)
{short description of image} 27th September to 3rd October 1999 (Week 39)
{short description of image} 20th to 26th September 1999 (Week 38)
{short description of image} Part II 13th to 19th September 1999 (Week 37)
{short description of image} Part I 13th to 19th September 1999 (Week 37)
{short description of image} 6th to 12th September 1999 (Week 36)
{short description of image} 1st to 5th September 1999 (Week 35)
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